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Saturday, February 6, 2010 @ I didn't mean,
Well, i didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
I didn't mean to fall in love but i did
I didn't meant to meet you then when we were just friends
I didn't mean to give you chills, the way that i kiss
And you didn't mean to love me back but i know you did
Don't say you didn't love me back cause you know you did
I know it's not the smartest thing to do
We just can't seem to get this right
But what i wouldn't give to have one more chance tonight
I look around my room and everything i see reminds me of you
Ooh please, baby won't you take my hand, we've have nothing left to prove.
One thought of you is all it takes to leave the rest of the world behind.
I'm sitting here trying to convince myself that you're not the one for me
But the more i think, the less i believe it
And the more i want you here with me.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 @ DO YOU STILL NEED AND WANT ME?
I wanted you but things change. It's not just me, it's you and I.
I don't want to lose you! Never wanted.
I never thought of giving you up even things are like that. But i wanted you.
I just want you to want me and love me more.
I will try anything just to get you and than.
Give you anthing.
Anything in the world.
Please baby, open you heart for me! Just for me. Please? :(
The last word for all this sentence. Form it!

Friday, January 1, 2010 @ FUCKING AWESOME NIGHT
Went drinking yesterday man!
2 girls drunk and 1 man drunk!
Two cute girl but my girl is CUTER ^^
And a loser guy called daniel was dead, only joe and me not :)
My day was awesome man. SO JUST FUCK IT! If only yours doesn't ;)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 @
AHHH, girlfriend sick! 39.6 degree man! :O
But it's a good thing :) At least i get to see her and take care of her.
But she couldn't go out! That's the bad thing too!
This is shit man!
I don't care what god, just do it :)
OR pray to me also can ^^
I'm a freaking god too by the way :D

Saturday, November 28, 2009 @
Fuck this shit man!
I don't know what to blog about :O
My computer can't put photos and i don't know why!
So just FUCK IT!
Life after o's fun :) Anyone reading this dead blog?
Tag me! So i know you're reading it ^^
I'm going to upload photos again next time :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 @
It's a long time since i blog again!
Seems like i always type the first sentence the same, almost every time.
Anyway, i'm back here blogging so this blog ain't dead yet :)
Went to clubbing on the 7 June, it's fucking crowded.
3 club combine! Wtf!
And damn Elisha, told me that he bringing 10 people, in the end only 1 person have to buy!
Cause he wrote his name on the ticket itself.
But overall, it's still fun :)
Yesterday went down to Tpy
With jason, wei feng, shermaine, siewhoon.
IT'S A BLOODY KTV! Get to drink ah.
Those two girls not entertaining at all, told them to sing but stay quiet! ahhhh!
But at least someone got to meet siewhoon :O
Anyway, my day is boring. It's always boring!

Thursday, April 16, 2009 @
Ohh yeah
Nationals for track and field has began.
Got in for relay 4x100m :)
Qualified for semi final man!
Hope that we could qualify for the top 8.
Tomorrow will be the semi final, wish me luck people.
It's international friendship day tomorrow too i think :O
That's something lame and my horrible school "tanglin" is gonna celebrate it.
Lucky i'm not gonna attend it :)
I'm free from this lame performance.
Monday is 4x400m, i got no confidents man.
Ahh, the heat up for relay this year.

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I study in a horrible school also know as Tanglin.
19th Oct is my big day.

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